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"Scott's Square Wheels presentation [on change] was one of the very best I've seen. It's a practical, logical, doable approach to help organizations identify and improve areas that need attention. Because of Scott's engaging style and use of humor, I give him a two-thumbs up!"
-Shoray Kirk
Cariten Healthcare
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Presentation Topics

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Presentations on Managing and Leading Change

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The theme of Change is Scott Simmerman's most requested speaking topic and he has delivered presentations and keynotes on Managing and Leading Change throughout the United States and in more than 30 countries since 1993. In doing so, he uses his Square Wheels® illustrations to interactively engage and involve participants while giving them real tools they can use post-session with their people for addressing the many issues around change.

Often titled "Teaching The Caterpillar to Fly," this framework provides an engaging, interactive session using his illustrations. We might use the concept of “mud” for example, to discuss the things that bog people down and prevent individual and organizational progress. Participants will find the presentation humorous, insightful and involving as the illustrations open the flow of communications for defining scenarios, sharing ideas and gaining important perspective.

The Presentation:

During his presentation, he might share a simple story of two caterpillars sitting on a rolling wagon watching a butterfly float by. One caterpillar turns to the other and says, "You'll never get me up in one of those things!"

Scott's picture oneDiscussions of the meaning of the story will surprise everyone, since it reveals a number of key learning points and becomes a graphic and memorable illustration of issues about transformation. Scott finds that people will get one answer to this joke / story – he has 22! The issue is that people stop thinking about possibilities once they know The Answer, a real limiting reality when thinking about ideas for change.

Change is about grabbing onto a vision and managing the issues of discomfort with peer support and some successful experiences. Feeling your efforts are supported by others is essential for managing successful personal change and growth – few want to go it alone…

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Participant Benefits

The focus of Scott's presentation is generally positioned on organizational change, with content linked to improvement strategies and the generation of peer support. These presentations can also build in some innovation and information processing themes to allow for group generation and filtering of issues and opportunities. There are a variety of tools that can be used for such facilitation. Overall, his approach is grounded in useful and practical tools and group exercises to stimulate thinking and participation.

As in all of Scott's presentations, participants use handouts as thinking tools – they can take these back to the workplace for sharing ideas and perspective. Our goal is to help managers paint better pictures of what possibilities exist.
Mentoring and Teaching
The above illustration is called Mentoring (or Coaching) and is about
creating an attractive vision of what we can become.

Time Frame and Pricing

Scott's program on Change can be a 90-minute session or can be part of a half or full day workshop. It can be structured as a management development program, a facilitation teaching skills workshop for managers and team leaders or a session for intact workgroups.

The approach works with individual tabletops as well as hundreds of people in large ballrooms; it is most unique in that way.

Session pricing depends on the nature of the group, the amount of travel involved and the amount of desired customization. You will find Scott's presentations to be very memorable, inspiring, practical and fun. Most of all, these materials are actionable – specific strategies for implementation and change can be incorporated into the workshop design.

Scott has been actively involved in organizational improvement and change initiatives since 1978.

"We cannot become what we want to be
by remaining what we are."

-Max DePree

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